Focus on: Photographer Scott McIntyre


If you could name one defining moment that really ‘sparked your photography fire’, what would that be?

Hmmm... tough question. The first photography assignment I had in college was a portrait. When the instructor saw my submission he told me that I was a great portrait photographer, that meant a lot to me and still does. I got a 9.8 out of 10!


Did you study to become a photographer? If so, where and how long was the program?

Yes and no. I took Graphic Design in College, the first year had a black and white film development that counts? I never really learned much, some techy stuff. I always had cameras and loved photography. I never took it very serious until people kept telling me I was good at it. Some people need to hear these things from many people before they start to believe it. I try to give praise to people who deserve it because I think that small words can make a big impact in someone's life.


Did anyone, in particular, influence you to become a photographer or influence your work as one?

Cinematographer Jason LeFrense, of JLF Productions. He basically told me to start doing this as a career. He booked a wedding for me and made me shoot it. To this day, that wedding was the most insane thing I have ever been a part of, but its all good now, and I owe that guy lots. He made a huge difference in my life, and that's something I will be grateful for forever!


In your opinion, what makes a great photograph? 

One that creates an emotion in the viewer. A great photograph doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be what the viewer wants it to be. I have so many photos of my son that technically suck, but I LOVE. One other thing that makes a great photograph, is simplicity. Just because you can use Lightroom and Photoshop and add effects and this and that, doesn't mean that you should. They do have their place, but I love a simply lit photography that has impact and will create an emotion in someone.


Do you have a favourite photograph of all time? (either one of yours or another), if so, which one and why?

I love too many photos even try to narrow it down, there are so many talented photographers around, even just here in Nova Scotia. Its hard to nail down a favorite. One that stands out on the top of my head that I of my son when he was 5 months old. I had a home studio then, he is sitting up and laughing. There is shot of him when he was in between a laughy face and a stern face. He looks like an old man, its funny.


What do you feel are the pros and cons of being a photographer?

Being a professional photographer is as hard as it is great. I have been in my full time studio now for about 2 years. Taking risks was always just a thing for me, so I jumped at this and didn't slow down to think. There are so many more things to making a studio work than just making nice photos. I love what I do, and I'm very passionate about it and I wont ever give up and that is something you REALLY need to have.

One con, time wasters, people who have no regard for someone who is trying to make a living in a very hard industry.

The biggest pro that I have, is using Atlantic Photo Supply as my main supplier of almost everything! The service I experience blows everyone else I have tried out of the water, products are 100% spot on every time, and if there is the smallest problem, it is taken care of instantly. There is no other lab that I could get that sort of service from and that makes me so happy as a business owner. I feel as though I would not be where I am today without the help of APS.

I should say, I was not asked to mention APS, I mentioned them because I truly believe they are the best and I am honored that I'm part of the APS team!


If you had to classify yourself as a specific kind of photographer, what would that be and why?

I'm a people photographer. I shoot weddings, high school seniors, families, people in love, babies....and people. People give me satisfaction from my work and make it worth it. When someone tells me that they loved their photos, or their parents loved their photos, my week is made. Here is a recent email I received from a client. It meant the world to me!

Just wanted to let you know we gave the picture to our parents yesterday. We told them instead of a present we all got together and made them a card. When we brought it out they both burst into tears!!!! We were stunned by their reaction. Definitely the best thing we are gave them and per my mother the best gift they ever received!"

That makes what I do, worth it, everyday! Thanks APS! Ya'll rock my socks off!

To contact Scott, or to check out his beautiful work, please visit his website.