A Leslie MacDonald Update


As many of you who visit our store on a regular basis know, we have been tracking the progress of Leslie MacDonald on a map in our front window. Leslie is the courageous individual who is biking across Canada in memory of her Dad who passed away from ALS in 2003. It is Leslie’s goal to raise $25,000 towards ALS research.

Leslie has been on the road now since June 5th and is well past the half way point in her trip from Vancouver to Summerside, PEI. I have been following with great interest her progress across this vast country of ours and can’t imagine ever trying something like that myself.

So far Leslie has been able to raise $8800 of her $25,000 goal and we would like to help push that a little higher. We have a consumer on-line imaging site called Foto Depot on which you can order prints, enlargements, books, calendars, mouse pads and much more. Starting July 1st and running until Leslie reaches her destination we are donating $1 for every $5 spent on Foto Depot. I would really encourage you to make use of our site – the more you order the more we can give to Leslie. If you’ve never used the service before and you’d like to give it a try just mention this blog in the comments section and we’ll print your first 25 4x6 prints for free. Oh yeah, and we’ll still donate the $2 that order would give to Leslie if you were paying for them.

In addition we brought in a bunch of our Foto Source 4GB SD memory cards in bulk and put them in a fish bowl. Because they don’t have all the extra plastic packaging they are being sold at a lower price than normal and there is less stuff to throw away. Every one of these cards that we sell also generates a $1 donation to Leslie’s cause.

I would encourage you to stop by the store anytime. The front window, in addition to have the map showing Leslie’s progress, has lots of photographs documenting her trip and showing you the important milestones of her trip thus far. Also, make sure you drop by her blog at www.goingthedistancefordad.com and read about her adventures as she gets closer and closer to her final destination.

Go Leslie go!!!

Brian Giffin1 Comment