A Student's Point Of View


Hello, my name is Sarah Fougere. I am a student at the Nova Scotia Community College Waterfront campus, as well as a current employee at Atlantic Photo Supply. I have been working at APS for about two months now, and this is a bit about what I've learned during the first few weeks of my experience here...

As a student in the Photography Diploma Program at NSCC, I was required to find a temporary work placement in order to gain experience in my field of study. Unlike my fellow classmates, who went out working with professional photographers shooting a variety of people and events, I got the opportunity to work at Atlantic Photo Supply.

During my 5-week work term, I was able to experience nearly every aspect of Atlantic Photo. I spent a bit of time upstairs with Geraldine in the Digital Imaging Lab, learning all about colour management, canvas printing, touchups, restorations, and what can be done in Photoshop to make the process a little bit easier and less time consuming.

Sarah learning Mount & LamI also worked with Joe for a fair bit of time upstairs, helping with the different types of Mounting and Laminations. I never knew that so many textures and surfaces existed to mount my images on. Working in this section of Atlantic Photo helped me to fully understand how the prices came into affect for such specialty framing as acrylics, canvas and image wraps. There’s a crazy amount of time and hard manual labour that goes into constructing these pieces.

I spent the majority of my time between the lab and the sales floor. While I was on the sales floor, I learned a lot. Being a student of photography, I’ve had a bunch of family and friends asking me what exact camera they should buy, or whether one camera is better than the other, and so on. I would always try to help them out as much as possible, but thought I had the same amount of knowledge as they did on the products. Working on the floor has given me the opportunity to learn about and compare hands-on all the cameras, therefore making me more comfortable when people ask me for advice.

Working in the lab, I was able to really see the differences in quality and colour of the prints. I learned about a number of different photographers from the Maritimes, which really, who knew there were so many from around here?!

I am very happy that I got the opportunity to do my work term at Atlantic Photo Supply. The people are great! The learning experience was awesome! I now really value the process an image goes through from being created, to colour corrected, to mounted and then hanging beautifully on a wall!