Hard life lessons


A few weeks ago something terrible happened to me: my computer crashed. It wouldn't go to my desktop. It kept saying "hard drive cannot be repaired". Bad news.

I've had my computer for 3 years and never backed anything up. Not so smart - I know. I had always meant to do it and now because I had procrastinated for 3 years, I had potentially lost everything. I went to work the next day with constant new heartaches as the memories of past photos slowly came back to haunt me.

Thankfully, the guys at Full Spectrum helped me out by recovering the files, giving me a new hard drive and setting me up with an external hard drive to back everything up.  As a Mac user I prefer Time Machine, an application that automatically backs up my files onto my external hard drive and even lets me go back to see and restore what my system looked like at any given time. There's also lots of advice on how to back up your files if you're a PC user at LifeHacker, as well as other forums online. It's also good to keep your files organized so they're easy to find. Picasa,iPhotoand Adobe Photoshop lightroom are all great ways of sorting and organizing all your  photos.

I'm sure most people reading will already have their files backed up, but if you're a procrastinator like me back up your files before it's too late!

I know I've learned my lesson.