Why Do We Sponsor Seminars?


In the spring of 2010, Atlantic Photo Supply hosted a seminar featuring Bruce and Josh Hudson from the State of Washington. We did so because we identified that there is a need to provide our clients with education on how to grow their business. It is not uncommon for a lab to sponsor and promote such events. The market in Atlantic Canada is small and therefore, harder to attract the numbers to pay top of the line speakers.

There are a number of organizations that host seminars in the region. PPOC Atlantic do so on a semi- annual basis, as well as Photo Guild Of Nova Scotia. Our decision to make this an on going program is based on a number of things:


  1. There is a definite need for photographers to upgrade their marketing skills.
  2. Traveling to the US, or other regions, is expensive.
  3. Trends in photography often occur in other places before they happen in Atlantic Canada.
  4. Atlantic Photo has been a part of the photography business since 1942, and has a strong stake in   the health and strength of the industry. We believe that we have a obligation as a member of the community to play a role in the education process.
  5. We are lucky to have numerous clients who have traveled afar to seek these programs, and can guide us. In the case of Bruce, and Josh Hudson we never would have got them here without the help of Kirk Saint. (Unique Images)


Enough about why.

We are incredibly fortunate to announce that we are hosting John Hartman for a photography boot camp. For full info go here. This will be a first class event for all in to enjoy. I hope to see you there.