The perfect fit


The summer months have arrived! I’ve been counting down the days till my trip to Europe for many weeks now. It’s always exciting traveling to places I’ve not been before. However this will mark my first trip with a DSLR camera. I’m itching to capture the moments and amazing scenery. On trips of mine before taking pictures simply was not important to me, but that has changed. I took only a few pictures with a basic point and shoot camera. This time will be different. Photography will be a large part of my trip, and has added a new type of excitement. 

Selling DSLRs for the past 4 months has been a great learning experience. My product knowledge started off as almost nothing, but i've quickly grasped the interworkings of the cameras, and their differences as well. 

Working at Atlantic Photo Supply has given me the opportunity to take cameras home and explore each one. We carry two DSLR brands -- Canon and Nikon -- both carry the best cameras on the market.

I started with the entry level DSLRs, which included the D5000 and the T1I. Both were very nice cameras, but it just wasn’t enough. I wanted a camera I could grow into. The entry level cameras were a bit too basic for me. I narrowed it down to 3 three cameras. On the Canon side I found two good candidates, the T2i and 7D. On the Nikon side the D90 stands out as the most appropriate choice.

I looked at 6 main specifications to determine what camera best suited me. Those being megapixels, low light capabilities, video resolution, frames per second, weight, and overall build quality. The megapixels in the Canon cameras were considerably more with 18 versus 12. The video capabilities were better in the Canon cameras as well with full HD resolution at 30fps versus the D90 which shoots video at 720p at 24fps. In fact the 7D and T2i were superior in almost everyway. The only thing the D90 had over both the T2i and the 7D was the higher quality built body.

The price of the cameras vary with the D90 being the cheapest body at $879.99, the T2i at 899.99 and the 7D at $1899.99. The 7D is far superior to the T2i and the D90, but its lies close to my price limit. After much deliberation I found it’s worth the extra cost. Essentially came down to the D90 and 7D. After exploring the pros and cons to both I came to decision. Despite the D90 having great qualities, the 7D is better in almost every category. It produces more vivid images and has the extra fast frame rates, which will be perfect for any sports I'll shoot.

The Canon 7D is everything I've ever wanted. Its is the perfect fit.