Focus On: Photographer Katheryn Gordon

What was it that lit your photography spark? Do you remember a particular camera, course, mentor, roll of film?

My husband, Warren Gordon, MPA, encouraged me to take up photography, due his belief in me as an artist. He took me to see a seminar by Darton Drake, who presented a slideshow of Fuzzy Duenkel's photographs. The images were of Darton's grandmother, who was very ill at the time. It was so moving, that I was spellbound. Warren looked at me and said "You can do this". And so he taught me how to use a digital camera, on our way home, at the Boston Airport. It was April, 2001.

What's your photo philosophy? Does it reflect your life philosophy?

My philosophy on life is greatly reflected in my photography and fine art projects. I believe that my artistic abilities are a blessing and a gift from God. So, I always try to create something beautiful and inspiring. My ultimate goal in photography is to create a beautiful religious image that will be a timeless work of art.

What makes an image recognizable and uniquely yours?

I have been told that there is a great deal of spirituality in my work. I suppose that is true. It happens quite naturally. I don't realize it is there until the image is complete.

Share with us another photographer whose creative eye you admire.

I admire the creative eyes of Louise and Joseph Simone. They are such talented people and passionate about what they do. They have always led the way and their work is classic and timeless. 

What kind of photography do you wish you could do more often?

I love doing fine art images. I would love to spend more time creating religious and fantasy themes. I am always inspired when I enter a museum of fine art and see the great biblical works of the great artists. For example, Caravaggio. His work was mainly based on a religious theme, however he painted other subjects too. 


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