Time stands still.


Growing up in a place like Cape Breton on the edge of a small town really gives you a great appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

My earliest childhood memories consist of images of trailing my father’s plaid wool jacket with an old rusted axe slung over his shoulder while we made our way through a frost covered apple orchard and into a tall stand of sugar maple that contrasted against the dark skies of the Cape Breton Highlands. Here I was taught how to start a fire without matches, build a shelter and how such a seemingly insignificant moment can turn into a memory that will stay with you your whole life.

As photographers we build our lives based on these small moments. We print them, and hang them on our walls. They remind us of who we are, places we've been, and special moments we've shared with others. They offer a glimpse into our past and a foreshadowing for our future, whether it be what you may look like in 25 years, or what your Grandfather did in the war. The Photograph can make time stand still, make your mother cry and can change the course of history.

We need to capture these moments with care, print them and share them with the world, because you never know when you will find a moment that will last for ever.

Here is a moment I'll never forget. What's yours?