A Changing Landscape


At the end of last month our main competitor closed its doors on Barrington Street. Many have asked me what this means for Atlantic Photo Supply as downtown customers seek an alternate place to shop. Most think it will be good for us and to some extent it probably will. I think, however, that there is a bigger question that needs to be answered and that is: why did they have to leave in the first place?

The photography industry has changed and digital has played a big role in changing people’s habits about how they take pictures and whether or not they even print them. Big boxes have opened en masse in the business parks and customer loyalty is a difficult thing to come by. Fewer customers spending less money always leads to the same ending and downtown Halifax is worse off because of it.

Atlantic Photo Supply has been on Spring Garden Road for 67 years (our first year we were located on Barrington) and we have no intention of going anywhere. We realize that customer loyalty has to be earned and we are trying to do that with quality and customer service. We trust that our customers will appreciate all that we are trying to do to serve them better and give them a reason to make the trek to our store when there are so many choices elsewhere.

Do we always get it right? I would not be honest if I said yes but we try hard to make the customer experience a great one. We do, however, make mistakes and when we do we need to hear about it. We try and learn from our mistakes and become better for it.

We do need something from you too – keep us in mind when you’re shopping for a camera. Are we always the best price in town – sometimes it takes a little work but most of the time our pricing is no different than the big boxes.

If you’re looking for a place to print, take stock in the fact that some of the best professional photographers in Atlantic Canada trust us with their work. We are pushed every day by their quality standards and as a result our printing is second to none, anywhere. The equipment we print on is state of the art and your work is printed by the same people, and on the same machines that we print for our professional clientele.

Atlantic Photo has come along way in 68 years and we are already thinking about planning for our 70th anniversary in 2012. Over the coming years, always expect to see new products and ideas coming from the creative minds we have working here. I’d encourage you, if you haven’t been here in a while, to stop by. We’d love to show you around and tell you our story.