Resurrecting slides: a peek into the past


I do a lot of different things at Atlantic Photo, but to this day there is one thing that I would do over everything else, and it starts with a peek into the past.

It goes back to a time where digital did not exist. You had one chance to capture that moment, and to make it last for a lifetime. What happened to that perfect moment? Is it sitting in a box somewhere, tucked away from the world, hiding from the light and forgotten? What could that moment be?  Was it a picture of your first car? Maybe it was a landscape shot, something you found beautiful.  Or maybe it was just a picture of a dear friend from long ago.

Printing slides, bringing those memories out of the dark, and back into the light, is where I find my joy. To have a chance to see life at a time where it was different than my own. To know that the person who it belongs to may be flooded with memories and emotion upon seeing it. To see a moment that someone thought was worth saving forever. That is what I love.

Do you have a memory waiting to be brought back into the light?