Project 365: a year in the life, photography style


"Gratitude is noticing the extraordinary in the ordinary. And then taking the nanosecond to feel it."

~ Karen Krakower Kaplan

365 photo project by Kristin Zecchinelli

"Getting through my own Project 365 was just taking a moment each day to be thankful, for anything. On some days, that is not easy. But I hoped if I completed the project, I could look back lovingly on my year, and that one day my kids would have this and see what little something each day made me smile. And perhaps they too would learn that there is beauty in the every day."

~ Kristin Zecchinelli

Sometimes I don't want to sit down and take the time to write in my journal. Trying to keep track of memories can be a daunting task. If you're anything like me, you'd prefer to spend your time on more artistic endeavors- or at least on something a little more fun.

Some time in the past 6 years a new idea immerged on the internet based off the ease of digital cameras. The idea would become known as Project 365. Originally, people were simply taking a photo a day, of anything. Take a picture of your dog, what you had for supper, the movie you went to see or maybe that incredible sunrise you always meant to capture on your way to work. Not only is it an easy way to document your year, but you learn along the way too! You’ll quickly run through the usual suspects and find yourself looking for something new and interesting to photograph. You’ll start paying more attention to composition and lighting. You’ll become more familiar with what your camera can and can’t do.

If you want to share your progress with friends and family there are sites that allow you to easily upload a photo and a description; think Photoblog, or Flickr. For those unfamiliar with these sites they are designed as a place you can upload, tweak and share your digital images with whoever you’d like. Remember to take a look at the privacy settings, and make them work for you. Flickr also has many groups for things like Project 365, providing moral support and ideas when you may be all out! If you'd like an example, you can visit Kristin's page here. She's currently on her second project 365.

If you think you aren’t ready for that challenge yet, and are looking for something a little simpler there is another option: go a more personal route by taking a photo off yourself everyday for a year. There are many examples of this complied into videos on youtube. It’s a great way to measure how much you change in appearance over the course of a year. I don’t know about you, but I’ve often wondered if our internal growth really shows on our faces. One girl actually took on the challenge of taking a photo a day for 3 years! Check it out here.

How will you remember 2010? By a few random photos, from a few good nights, or an amazing day to day photographic journey of your year? It could literally change the way you look at life.