Choosing films...


A lot of people come into our store and ask if anyone shoots film anymore. While it might seem like digital has completely taken over photography, there’s still a lot of people who come in to buy and process film. Film does require more foresight than digital does. The film you use depends on what and where you’re shooting. If you want to shoot landscapes you wouldn’t want to use the same film that you’d shoot a portrait with.

We carry several films at Atlantic Photo Supply. Classics like Kodak’s 400 Tri-X (a staple for NSCAD film students). If you don’t have access to a darkroom there’s always Kodak’s BW400CN film to bring you all the impact of black and white with the ease of colour film processing.

Fuji Pro 400H delivers nice skin tones and natural colours although Fuji Pro 800z has really great colour saturation and lets you take lovely portraits a little later into the evening. If landscape photography is your calling give Fuji Pro 160S a try for greater exposure latitude or Fuji 100 Acros for rich gradation and sharpness.

I like to shoot mostly portraits so my camera is usually loaded with Kodak Portra 160NC or 400 NC. Great for beautiful skin tones, forgiving in challenging lighting conditions and it scans really well. It’s worth it to try a few different kinds of film to find out which one suits you the best. Check out to read some great forum discussions on the subject of different films. Everyone will have different opinions as to what the best film is but it’s really just personal preference. Once you find your favorite film you can devote all your attention to more important things: your subject.