Behind the glass…(A lab rat’s point of view)


The lab always goes that extra mile for me! I am confident when I send an image that if a bit of extra tweaking is needed on colour, it will be done and with excellent results. The staff is professional, yet personable. I know they always have my best interests in mind, and I consider them a major asset to my business.

~ Cindi Lee Campbell of Cindi Lee Photography


So many times when new clients come through the lab for a tour, they all have the same response. "I had no idea all of this was going on back here."

When you walk through the front door of Atlantic Photo, you are greeted by the sales staff, and most likely you head right for the cameras or telescopes. Others who come in through our door, are looking for printing and head to our kiosk. On the kiosk, after you send your photo's through, do you really have any idea where they go? Or who prints them? When you are sitting at home using fotosource, do you have any idea whose hands your images end up in? At the back of the store lies a window, and through that window is where you enter our world.

The Lab: possibly one of the busiest departments in the building. Orders coming in, orders going out, machines to control, paper to balance, chemistry to mix, boxes to ship out, rushes that need to be done and need to be done quickly. Constantly checking colour, checking cropping, checking prints. Professional photographers from all over Canada to look after, clients with different styles and personalities. Deadlines, standards, expectations! There are 101 things going on in this lab at once, and 1001 things you always need to remember. And at the end of it all, we are responsible for making sure that everything that goes out our door, is the best it can be.

And this is where the lab rats come in. We do what we need to do, everyday. Each one of us is different. We work different ways, at different paces. We all have different personalities, idea's and opinions, but at the end of the day, we pull it together and work like a team. And in a way, we have all become a second family to each other. And we try to make our clients feel as if they are a part of that team. When you have a question about a print and you call here, it is not like calling some big store where there is a different voice at the end of the line every day. When you call here, you get the same person you were talking to yesterday, a week ago, even years ago. You hear a familiar voice, a voice that you trust, a voice that will give you the answer you need. You know that when you send us your work, all of the staff in the lab will take care of it for you, the way you want it to be. And we as a team like to believe that we know our clients just as well. We take a lot of pride and effort to remember each one of our clients as individuals.

All of these things are what make us the incredible lab that we are. It is what makes us different. And it is what makes our clients, happy clients. And when our clients are happy, we're happy.

We've been using Atlantic Photo for a couple of years now and I couldn't be happier. The lab staff constantly exceeds our expectations with every order placed, and the print quality is absolutely perfect. Dead on more like it. I've had quality issues in the past with other labs, but never with this lab. Perfect prints, awesome and quick service. I now recommend all of my clients to use Atlantic Photo Supply for their reprinting needs. 

Signed another happy client,

Martin Jardine of Martin Jardine Photography