I come from the land down under: all about the digital printing kiosk


With Australia's over 6000 Fujifilm photo-printing kiosks -- which act as the interaction point between the customer and the photo processing equipment as well as over 800 mini-labs -- the small population of 20 million is digital print crazy. That being said, they are also always after the bargain expo days where you can find long lines of people waiting to get photos of their kids and kittens.

Australia was one of the first countries to really embrace digital printing, and Fujifilm is the market leader in an industry that last year processed approximately 58 million orders and 1.76 billion prints. The drop-off of film has definitely had an impact on the printing industry, and getting people into the store to print their digital photos can be a challenge.

But now, with easy, online order systems (sign up to ours here) and different loyalty card programs, people realize that having the physical print to look at is truly something to be cherished -- and they enjoy carrying around small photo albums to show friends and family rather than sharing by email or Facebook.

Here at Atlantic Photo Supply, we have the same kind of DPCs (Digital Printing Centres) that have been so popular in Australia for years. A lot of customers are pleasantly surprised when they have a new print made from an old, yellowing photo -- restore color back to true black-and-white, enlarge up to 12x18", choose a frame, and be on your way in less than one hour.

Try the kiosk today -- we're always here to help you get started.

A stereotypical Aussie printing his photos...