Through the looking glass...


As a lover of all things vintage it should come as no surprise that I'm holding onto all my film cameras with a quiet determination. Yes, I understand that times are a-changin' but it's more than just my unhealthy sense of nostalgia - it's a reluctance to throw away things that still work perfectly well.

Developing my love of photography in dingy NSCAD darkrooms has made me long for that chemical magic that only film can deliver. Film suits me. It forces me to take my time: composing my frame, metering the light. Trying to get the perfect shot out of twelve frames instead of a thousand.

There's nothing finer than heading out on a road trip with my Mamiya C330 and a few rolls of Kodak Portra NC. No crazy features or special effects here. Just shutter speed, aperture and a beautiful lens. So, if you have an old film camera that you tucked away maybe it's time to dust it off and remind yourself why you fell in love with photography.