Gone but not forgotten.......


I worked with a lot of machines and processors in the past 19 years but the one that got my full attention was our E-6 processor which developed slide film -- 'The Sea King'.

In its day, it was a very popular machine, but it needed tender love and care. It was high maintenance, sensitive, and finicky, but when you put a roll of slides through for development the outcome was amazing. The saturation of color... the sharpness, clarity, and vibrancy all made viewers feel like they were right inside the shot.

The 'Sea King' finally left Atlantic Photo about three years ago, and that was a very sad day. I was traumatized. We'd been through a lot together. Even with its ups and downs, developing slides was one of my favorite jobs in the lab.

My job in the lab has changed so much since the E-6 left. I was dragged into the digital/computer world, and it felt like coming out of the dark ages. It took a while to get the hang of things, but I'm learning a lot. There is so much you can do with digital and have fun doing it. I still see the odd slide coming through the lab and it reminds me of the old Sea King that I miss so much. Will ever make a come back, or is it gone forever?