The most advanced printer in Canada: "It takes out other machines, but it does not harm humans"


In 2009 we received a new addition to our Atlantic Photo Team. In life, it is known as the Chromira, but around here, in the heart of the trenches, it is known to us as Optimus Prime!

This machine is unlike any other. It is big, powerful, smart and fast. However, like all machines, it has a finicky side that keeps us on our toes!  Until we made this machine a part of our lab, we couldn't produce anything larger than a 12x18 in the main lab. Because of this our turn around times have improved drastically on larger prints. We can print multiple sizes without any effort at all. We didn't have the ability to print on different surfaces. Now we are producing some of the most advanced surfaces in Canada, such as Pearl Paper, Fuji Flex and Transparency. The ability to print these surfaces have allowed us to supply unique products, from backlit frames, to stretched pearl.

This machine turned our worlds upside down, in a great way. It took the work we do in a day and doubled it. It broke down obstacles that prevented us from working more efficiently. We now have the most advanced LED printer in the world, and it is opening the doors to photographic work from all over North America. And although sometimes it makes weird noises and looks as if it will actually transform into a robot,  it pushes our team to do the best we can do every day.

So in the words of Optimus Prime,

Transform, and roll out!