A Christmas wish list, lab rat style.


 Photo by Kelly Anderson

When I get through a day of work, and step through our front door, onto the busy street of spring garden, I see the thing I love most about this time of year. I see friends sitting in coffee shops, sipping on coffee, and taking a moment to catch up. I see the wreaths along the street, lighting the way for the street traffic. I see people scurrying around with shopping bags, off to another store, or on there way home to survey the treasures they have bought. However the days for shopping are coming to and end, and trying to find the time to get it all done is becoming more of a task. We lab rats put our heads together and decided to give you our picks of the season. Whether it is a friend or a loved one, an amateur or a pro, we have something for everyone.

Kelly's Pick: Lensbaby Muse

Price: $129.99

Mama? Did the lens really cry out mama? Not really. But that is what I saw on the booklet as I opened the box to my brand new Lensbaby Muse.This is something I wanted for Christmas, but I just couldn't wait. As a growing amateur this lens is exactly what I needed. I couldn't just slap it on and make it work on auto. This lens is for people who want to learn, and want to grow. This lens operates in Manual mode. The magic of this lens is the way it focuses. You have to pull it, or push it. Then, once you have your "sweet Spot", you have to bend it and twist it to create amazing blur and bokeh. Once you get the hang of it, you can continue to play, using creative aperture sets that will create odd shaped bokeh, such as stars and hearts. For more info visit www.lensbaby.com.

Erin's Pick: Photo Coasters

Price: $12.99

If your looking for an inexpensive gift that you can make as personal as you want, you'll want to consider photo coasters. They come in a set of four, with holder, for only $12.99. These particular ones have a lovely black border to help bring out your images, whatever they may be. The photo size is 3x3, which is easy to print at most labs- of course, we're our first choice. You can always leave the photo choice up to the recipient, but I prefer the more personal statement of picking a few out yourself. I bought a set for my parents one year and chose old family photos- one set silly and the other more traditional. No matter which way you choose to go, I'm sure they'll be a hit.

Judy's Pick: 8x10 Collage

Price: $9.99

It is the gift that keeps on giving, something small, yet meaningful. Foto depot gives you the ability to take you favorite pictures and memories, and turn them into a collage. With Christmas coming up, this is the perfect way of putting together your favorite memories and moments, into a beautiful 8x10 collage for family and friends. With Graduation season just around the corner, it would also make the perfect gift for the new graduate in your family. 8x10 not quite big enough for all of your memories? Then go bigger! Visit Foto Depot for more details!

Geraldine's Pick: LumiQuest Soft Screen

Price: $19.99

The on-camera flash is perhaps the most unflattering light source in photography. For the photo enthusiast in your family, here’s a gift for under $25.00 that will take the hard edge off their pop-up flash and help avoid that blown-out look. The LumiQuest Soft Screen enlarges, more evenly distributes and softens harsh on-camera flash. It’s compact, easy to use and should inspire some creative experimenting.


We hope something on this list has grabbed you attention, and helped with that last minute present that you just couldn't decide on. Merry Christmas from all of us in the lab!